Why you really need an 'up to date' Will...

Many people are unaware that if you die without a will, a government body called the office of the public trustee will administer your estate.

This in itself can be a costly process and it may not deliver an outcome that is anywhere near what you wanted. We see many cases where families are left devastated by decisions made by the public trustee.

Assume you and your partner died yesterday, can you answer these simple questions:

  • Have you nominated someone you trust to oversee your estate?

  • Who would be given custody of your children?

  • What happens if you die without a will?

  • Do you know who your beneficiaries are?

  • Are these critical instructions formulated into binding legal documents?

  • Did you know that in some cases Estate Planning could be charged to your Superannuation?

Most people know that they need Estate Planning, but they have never given formal, binding, legal instructions for their estate. You need to protect your rights and your assets!

Our Estate Planning solution is pain free, we can steer you through the process by taking your instructions either in person, on Skype or in some cases via telephone. We will then draw up your agreements in a draft plan format for you to discuss, review and approve. We will then finalise the documents for you to execute.

Our service is comprehensive and can cover all aspects of your Estate Planning needs.

Some examples of our services are:

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Testamentary Discretionary Trusts, Funeral Directives, Guardianship of minors and Organ Donation Directives.

Email us today at info@bennettslawyers.com to find out how we can help to protect your assets.

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